The East – The Morality Story You Won’t Forget


The East smashes practically every contemporary environment problem – from oil leaks to huge pharmaceutical frauds. Sarah (played by the co-writer Brit Marling) – a corporate spy – gets the assignment to join and rat out “The East” – A gang of eco-terrorists who carry out their revenge on the big companies that are guilty of causing the environmental problems, with severe punishments.

The amazing components crank their various subversive flanks with sarcastic accuracy: Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Paige are the gang’s leaders – Benji and Izzy. Patricia Clarkson has a swell, malicious role as the covert sense corporation’s stubborn dame, and Brit Marling is brilliantly tortured by her doubts about which side to fight for. To find out more about the film you can check out “The East” trailer.

Brit Marling (actress and scriptwriter) and her friend Zal Batmanglij (director and scriptwriter) came up with the idea for the film in the summer of 2009, when they decided to have an unusual vacation, without spending a dollar:

“There is a movement called Freeganism”, says Marling. “These people are eating foods that stores send to dumpsters after the expiry date. They live in tents, travelling in abandoned cars. We embarked on this journey without money. We learned to jump on the move in the train, spent the nights on the roofs. We met with the people who live in such way all the time because they actually like it”.

The experience gained by Marling and Batmanglij allowed them to write a tough-to-swallow and fire-in-the-belly script of the movie they called as “The East”. At first, they wanted to make Wall Street the main rival of anarchists, but then decided that the best fit would be a big pharmaceutical company. Filming took place from mid-October to late December of 2011. The role of Izzy was supposed to be given to Felicity Jones, but she dropped out shortly before filming started, and was replaced by Ellen Paige. The film premièred at Sundance in January, 2013.

[Guest Post by: Kira Browdy]


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