In case you’re struggling to pronounce the name….think of it this way:

The – Bio – Scope – ist

The Bioscopist is a Bristol based film blog and was setup in February 2012 to cover the lighter side of film entertainment. The goal is to stay away from the traditional reviews or essay-based analysis and instead discover the news from a more humorous angle – because nothing out of tinsel town should be taken too seriously. Here you’ll find reviews, trailers, videos, posters and anything web related. The site is updated several times a week and guest bloggers will appear from time to time.

Stu Holmes and friends Court Harding and Matt Coulshed provide drunken commentary about movies, TV, culture, the internet, and pretty much anything else. It’s not really structured or educational, but listening to it is kinda like hanging out with some old friends. And it’s occasionally funny. check it out here.

Contact: thebioscopist@gmail.com

The Bioscopist is written and edited by Stu Holmes.  All content written by Stu unless otherwise noted.

The Bioscopist is based in Bristol, UK.

About Stu Holmes:

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 22.43.58Stu Holmes(That’s him to the left, getting his buzz on) is a Capetonian living in Bristol, a film blogger, aerospace engineer, failed comedian and founding editor of TheBioscopist.com. You can also find his work at Inter:Mission Bristol. Stu has worked as a lottery ticket seller (broke people’s dreams), carpet cutter (Yes, the carpet matched the drapes), barman (he thought drinks would be free) and general factory monkey.

Seriously though, he’s a rocket scientist (MEng Aeronautical Engineering – Bristol University), but loves film too,  in case you want to hire him to write something.  The man has integrity, but he’s not allergic to cash money. For advertising and marketing info, click here.



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All artwork for The Bioscopist was made by the lovely Barbie Lowenberg, check out her portfolio on tumblr

And also check out her illustrating group Long Fox…



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    Welcome to the LAMB!

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